About Us

About Us

Carbon Clean is an established business with fresh ideas and a big vision. In 2016 the founder saw a lucrative opportunity to help vehicle performance, generate revenue for a struggling aftermarket industry while also helping the environment. With 14 years of automotive industry experience a new and exciting business was born.

After grafting for several years with an aggressive global marketing plan, Carbon Clean has some impressive statistics and are proud to be a key contributing company actively reducing the global carbon emissions in every corner of the world.

Our Values

Built on the foundation of high-quality technology, professional standards and a passion for global environmental change. We are proud to be generating business and employment while reducing harmful emissions with our widely recognised brand.

But it’s not just brand recognition that makes carbon clean an attractive business opportunity; it’s the pure potential to improve any of the millions of combustion engines out there in the world.

Although you’re in business for yourself, you will feel part of our huge team with our extensive support and years of experience.

Here are some of the many advantages of joining:

  • No automotive/mechanical experience required
  • Proven business model
  • Market-leading brand (part of a group of companies established 2002)
  • High earning potential
  • In-depth training and ongoing support
  • Huge client potential
  • Diverse target markets

Wealth of experience

We’ve dealt with hundreds of clients from all different sectors in the automotive industry.

We’ve noticed both similarities and differences from country to country, vehicle to vehicle. With all this knowledge and hands on experience, we have now created an opportunity in the UK for aspirational individuals to take advantage of.