Carbon Clean Centre Halifax to promote ‘green’ service

Carbon Clean, the engine decarbonising system that works using electrolysis, has added Carbon Clean Centre Halifax to its emerging UK network of Carbon Clean Centres.

Advanced Auto Services Ltd became Carbon Clean Centre Halifax in late August capping a busy summer season for the engine cleaning specialists.

Carbon Clean Centre Halifax is now trained, equipped and supported to treat the growing problem of carbon residue accumulation inside engines. If left untreated, it can cause poor throttle response, decreased fuel economy and engine wear.

Owner Granville Horsforth, who works with son John and wife Audrey, had recently moved into new premises and was looking for further specialisms to add to wheel alignment and air con servicing.

“When we went up the install the Carbon Clean machine it was quickly apparent that they had identified some opportunities, in fact cars were already booked in for the following day,” said Chris Phipps, National Sales Manager. “There’s strong demand within the local community for environmentally-friendly options, so the measurable emissions reductions Carbon Clean achieves certainly ticks that box.”

A demonstration on John’s Toyota Crown yielded impressive results, opening up another potential avenue to market Carbon Clean through classic car owners’ clubs.

“The Toyota’s engine started to run more quietly as the service was being done,” said Chris. “A test drive then confirmed better throttle response with the turbo boost coming in earlier and more smoothly afterwards.”

Carbon Clean’s machine-based treatment works in just 30 minutes whilst the engine is running by using electrolysis to create a highly charged oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas mixture from tap water. This is fed into the engine through the air filter housing. It cleans engines both by accelerating combustion and thanks to the catalytic benefits of hydrogen, in helping break down deposits.

Carbon Clean machines are fully automated so technicians can work on the vehicle whilst the process is running. Carbon Clean Halifax will also gain access to full site support covering equipment, training, technical support and marketing too.

Garages interested in finding out more should visit or call 0203 5070175.

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