Carbon Clean Service and MOT Pass CC-14 – Test Results

If you had ever thought about the reliability of our CC-14 Carbon Clean machine, you definitely need to read these fantastic carbon clean results!

Do you know what these results mean…?

Step 1 at 10:30

This was before the CC-14 was connected and the engine was hot.

Co level: 0.06. We want this to come down.

HC level: 5 PPM. This should go up.

CO2 Level: 4.33. This should go down.

O2 level: 14.78. This should go up

Step 2 at 11.10

It shows exactly what we wanted it to do…

This was carried out at the end of the Carbon Clean Service, before road test.

Step 3 MOT Smoke Test

Peak 1 shows a high level as the carbon deposits are expelled from the exhaust.

Peak 2 3 & 4 show it dropping and is an MOT Pass.

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