Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the training?

Our training programme consists of 3 full days at our head office in London. We’ll share our years of automotive experience and systematically show you how to opertae all the machinery. You’ll leave feeling confident and knoweledgable about all the industry secrets and ways to grow your franchise opportunity.

Do I need mechanical experience?

Although automotive experience is a benefit is is not essential. Our equipment is very easy to use and after the training programme you will be able to perform engine carbon cleans on any vehicle.

How much is the franchise?

The franchise fee is very competative, and the majority of the funds will be re-invested to support your new business territory.

Can I really earn £100k/ year

There are various ways to make money from engine carbon cleaning. Due to the large market segments in the public and trade sectors, the sky is really the limit! You’re earning potential is really down to how fast you grow your business network and with our advice, its all realistic.

How long is the Franchise agreement?

You will be an official Carbon Clean engineer for 5 years, and will recieve full training and ongoing support for you and the equipment over the entire duration.

Will I get an exclusive territory?

Yes you will be given an exclusive area depending on business potential, not just geographical location. Please note that due to popular demand, your preffered area may not be available.